23 June 2014

swinging it

Yes, this is yet another post about me getting back into the swing of things, but it's also a post to show how much I've grown as a person. Lots of things have happened and lots of things have changed, but I think the thing that has affected me the most is that I've had to find a new coffee shop. Yes, I'm serious. This is a huge life change for me, one that has shaken me to the very core.

Maybe I should back up a little. There isn't a sinister reason behind switching coffee shops. Nothing happened at the old one that made me swear them off forever. I am actually stupidly attached to the other one, and still feel a little bit like I'm cheating on it when I go anywhere else. No, it was an amicable breakup that was made necessary because we moved offices. Instead of in my beloved Mission, I now work in SOMA, joining the cornucopia of startups in the area. And, as much as I love my old coffee shop, it's not practical to visit it every day (even though I totally want to). So I had to make a change, and I suppose it's going okay.

The problem, as you would expect from me, is that I haven't quite figured out the seating politics here. I've sat at the same table a few times now, but I'm not sure if it's a fluke or not. I like this table, even though it's not anywhere near a wall and there's enough space for a couple of people to join me if they were so inclined (gross). Plus, it isn't super close to an outlet. Not that that's a necessity, but if I ever write there in something besides one of my battered notebooks, I like the security of knowing that I can conveniently charge if the need arises. 

But the issue I have is that the layout isn't intuitive, and requires people to possess some semblance of spatial awareness (which is shockingly rare).  The layout is conducive to dithering awkwardly in the center of the room while feeling as if constantly in the way of everyone else. There are too many variables (furniture that seems to wander, people that definitely wander, and a non-streamlined purchasing process) for me to figure this place out, and maybe that's okay. Maybe I need to insinuate myself somehow into this madness. In a way, maybe I already have. This table isn't my corner table next to a window as far away from everyone else as possible, but it's starting to feel a little bit like something I can call my own. Maybe I need to let go of my former haunt, as much as it pains me. The coffee at the new place is sort of amazing, however, so it softens the pain a little bit. I can console myself with a delightful mint mojito iced coffee and the joy of fresh people-watching opportunities.

So, the point of all this is that, yes, I am resolved to write more (I actually have a backlog for once, which is crazy), and that yes, I am capable of adapting to change and only letting my discomfort with, well, everything, affect me a little teeny bit. I swear, the coffee here helps.


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