30 March 2011

social experiment: drunkenness and vampire fangs

*Please note that I will not be intoxicated for the duration of the social experiment. I am underage. Plus, I might end up biting myself with fangs and that would hurt.

Today’s post is a little bit different in that it will be presented in two parts. As you can probably tell by the title, I’m going to do a little social experiment. I’ve been flirting with this idea for a while, and today I have finally collected enough courage to execute it. I’m talking about wearing fangs. In public.

I should probably explain. I got the fangs for a Halloween costume, so they are customized to my mouth and look pretty realistic, if I do say so myself. This week is rush week at my school, which means that the fraternities are throwing huge parties for the new members. Being who I am, I cannot let this opportunity for social experimentation go to waste.

I plan on looking as normal as possible. Sure, I’m slightly paler than your average human being, but that can’t be helped. It can only help my cause at this point. I’m going to go out looking like this:

Pretty normal, right? But, little will people suspect that brewing under this calm exterior lay these bad boys:

I will get back to you with my findings tomorrow. Can you wait? Neither can I.

*EDIT: I will be conducting this experiment at a later time, preferably one with greater visibility and less of a chance that I will be elbowed in the face and inadvertently swallow a fang. It's for my own safety. Plus a vampire in the daylight may cause more panic.


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