18 March 2011

word generator

Today’s experiment is brought to you by a word generator. Correction. Today’s experiment would have been brought to you by a word generator. Instead, it is brought to you, yet again, by my neuroses.

Another blogger wrote that she uses one when she’s in a rut and in dire need of inspiration. She’ll see a word that reminds her of a story or inspires her to write a new one, and from there, she’ll take off. I’m not going to concede and say that I am in a rut. But I will admit that I was curious and didn’t see the harm in trying something new.

Ideally, I would have used the word generator to come up with a subject for today’s post. The first word that came up would have reminded me about a funny story or a quirk and I would write furiously. Instead, I sat at my laptop, clicking aimlessly on the “new word” button until I realized that I would never be satisfied. I was looking for something perfect, and “sweat,” “police,” and “cow” just weren’t cutting it for me.

So here I am. The only thing the word generator has generated for me is frustration. I suppose I could analyze why the word generator irked me so (something about unrealistic standards or apprehension about depending on external entities for things I should be able to do by myself).

I could, but instead, I’m going to blame the word generator.


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